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Lead generation

Internet marketing at its best is a synergy of a marketing-ready website and blogs integrated with social media, along with a great lead capture and follow up system.

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custom websites

From Widgets to links we create websites that are not only great looking but functional for marketing as well.

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search engine optimization

We improve your webpages’ visibility (rankings) on search engines for unpaid (organic or algorithmic) searches.

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pay per click marketing

While organic rankings are the best way to be at the top of the search engines, we use PPC ads with social media platforms to increase traffic.

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social media marketing

Potential customers are using social media platforms every day. Establishing and maintaining an active presence there contributes to increased traffic and conversions.

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BLogging & content Writing

We understand that you are busy. You can be the best writer in your industry and still have a hard time getting out decent content for your RSS Feed.

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online pr management

What your customers say about you online can be even more important than off-line.

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Marketing plans

Customized, specific, written marketing plans are included with every package so you can track, test, and follow your progress as work is done and work with us to ‘evolve’ campaigns as necessary.

Fill Your (Sales) Funnel
Develop the best digital marketing plan you have ever had.

Every business is different and every business owner has his or her own vision. We are here to bring that vision to reality through goals, planning, and a great marketing strategy. Integrity eMarketing Solutions, Inc. is backed by 14 years of business and marketing experience, ‘growing up’ with the internet.

  • We really get you thinking about your target market, goals, and your business direction. Based on our conversation, there may be more fact-finding missions or we will make recommendations and give a pricing proposal. You will end up with a detailed, well crafted marketing plan. This step can go as quickly or methodically as you need.

  • During the creative process we will request your feedback and changes. All plans need to reflect your personality and we encourage input. We will also do some testing during this time period depending upon the marketing plan. This step will take between 14 and 30 days. Larger plans may take longer but will be disclosed during the proposal process.

  • After testing, tweaking and modifications, the process is complete and the campaigns go ‘live’. This can be anything from websites, social media pages, ad campaigns, and blogs.



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